Jordan Clarkson Talks Dunk Over Alex Len, Kobe Bryant's Motivation

Kobe Bryant didn't get where he is from talent. Every time we train together I always learn something new whether it be ballhandling, dribbling, shooting anything. Like Uncle Ben said to Spider Man, with great power comes great responsibility.” Most of us aren't going to be swinging around New York fighting crime, but added responsibility is not something that most people go searching for.

To answer this question, I quickly dug up a list of the coaches with the highest win percentages of all time, but only included those past 1979-80 (the year the 3-point line was introduced, and usually taken as the beginning of the modern NBA.) That gave this list of coaches with their career winning percentages, after adding in Larry Brown and Don Nelson for good measure.

But now, a small part of me starts to think that this current 19-win team is only a few players (i.e. an improved Randolph, a healthy Biedrins) away from giving this team a substantial jump in the Western Conference standings. The Lakers will face tough competition this season in both conferences, especially with Bryant's health a concern and the loss of Dwight Howard in free agency to the Houston Rockets.

But that doesn't compare to the Lakers' 83-79 Game 7 win over the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals. Summary : Short video of Kobe Bryant as he and the Los Angeles Lakers continue to make a push for the playoffs. I would've liked to give the lifetime achievement nod to Brad Miller, but Hinrich's shooting will help this team be a little more competitive.

I think Nelson has earned the chance to once again show that he is one of the most innovative basketball minds that we have seen in a long time and I would love to see him work his magic all over again, even if it has the chance of blowing up in a few young players faces.

Summary : Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Ep 02 Final Song. Wade is obvious, and B-Easy is clearly the second best talent on this team and is still going to improve a whole whack. The only way to be better than Kobe to wake up at 2 every day and work out non-stop till night and sleep for 4 hours a day.

Kobe Bryant's Insane Work Ethic: An Example For Athletes.. Kobe Bryant is the shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Gotta put on this click here year.” In other words, there will be no distraction of any sort for this Texas native this season. Lakers Voices: Jordan Clarkson (1/9/17)...

Summary : The Los Angeles Lakers introduced their trio of free-agent additions - Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, and Brandon Bass - on Wednesday. Summary : Utah Jazz forward Trevor Book was ejected after throwing a punch at Los Angeles Lakers center Roy Hibbert during a preseason game in Hawaii.

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